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Composition as an artistic subject

Composition is taught as an artistic subject. Every student, whether in the preparatory (Nachwuchsförderklasse), bachelor, master or post-master (Meisterklasse) program should develop their own style or aesthetic orientation. A particular aesthetics is decidedly not imposed.


Composition seminar

The composition seminar is the central collective place for students and anyone interested in contemporary music. In the seminar there is full freedom of expression. Among other things, numerous guests were able to present their works and exchange ideas with the students here (f.i.: Ondrej Adamek, Simha Arom, Franck Bedrossian, Dániel Péter Biró, Ashley Fure, Reiko Füting, Clara Iannotta, Christina Kubisch, Mauro Lanza, George Lewis, Robin Minard, Elena Mendoza, Isabel Mundry, Brice Pauset, Oliver Schneller, usw.) 



All students receive individual one-to-one lessons. Responsible are the two professors for composition, Prof. Dr. Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf (since 2005) and Prof. Dr. Fabien Lévy (since 2017, at the same time head of the Center for Contemporary Music). Furthermore, the Academy of music has hundreds of specialists in all sorts of disciplines (including music theory, music analysis, orchestration / instrumentation, electroacoustic music, cross-media art, ear training, conducting, philosophy, etc.).


Composition and practice

Composition students have numerous opportunities to perform their work and share projects in collaboration with the entire house or in external collaborative projects.

for instance:

- The HMT-intern concert series „Musik & Gegenwart" 

- The HMT-intern electroacoustic concert series "Speakers Corner

- The ZfGM-Festival in June

- the "Kultursalon" in November

- Many cooperation projects with different departments inside the school (Instrumental- und voice dept., conducting, Jazz, Dramaturgy...)

- Projects and Workshops with extern Institutions and Ensembles: Mdr-Orchestra, School for visual art (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig), Ensemble Contemporary Insights, Ensemble Tempus Konnex, etc.


Composition is far more than interdisciplinary

Composition is  taught in connection with the music of the whole Western tradition and of other cultures. Composition also knows no subject boundaries and is therefore taught in connection with aesthetic reflection. References to other arts, philosophy, literature, science, but also to current political events are deliberately included. Openness to other genres and means of production such as the latest technologies, music theater, sound installation and performance are encouraged. The events organized by the Center for Contemporary Music (ZfGM) always cross disciplinary boundaries.


International study subject

Composition is taught on an international level. Global knowledge, international exchange, the high proportion of foreign students, international guests and a good contact with foreign colleagues guarantee a productive studying atmosphere.



Prof. Dr. Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf

Prof. Dr. Fabien Lévy