The concept of the special language training for musicians and musicologists starts on the premise that especially students of artistic courses are particularly dependent on international orientation during their occupational guidance. As a result the focus lies on present-day language and specialised terminology.


Language teaching concentrates on specialist issues, which hold a great significance for the artistic work. This includes language and phonetics in historical change, metrical and rhetorical laws and their realisation, registers of language and style level, analysis and culture-historical of (literary) text sources, specific language usage of different librettist and so on.


Artistic project work

During the artistic project work knowledge and skills will be extended and put into practice. This contains for example:

Studying abroad

In addition to the normal lessons, the field of »languages« contributes to the transfer and realisation of staying abroad. This is accomplished by offering support during the language courses, evaluations, applying for scholarships or by contracts which were drafted in a foreign language.

Ergebnisse des Sprachunterrichts

Video der HMT-Produktion von Johann Christian Bachs »Catone in Utica«

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