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Welcome to the department of musicology

Welcome to the department of musicologyDas Institut für Musikwissenschaft im Dittrichring 21

Already announced in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik in December 1843, from the very beginning and since the founding of the "Conservatory of Music" in 1843, there has been the main effort to help familiarise the students with all of the subjects that are important and irremissible for a well-educated musician. Ever since, the connection of artistic and practical training with academic subjects has been of special significance to the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig.


The Department of Musicology

The Department of Musicology complements the artistic practice and the pedagogical training with teaching in languages ​​and musicology. The subject is treated as an independent academic discipline in research and teaching. Musicology is an integral part of the artistic and educational programmes of the HMT. Students can also choose musicology as a major: Enrollment to the master's degree is open annually for winter term.  Studying for a doctorate and postdoctoral qualification in musicology is possible as well.

Specialisations of the department include performance theory and interpretation research, connections between music and media (from music publishing up to film music) as well as the history and current methods of music theory. These subject areas are underpinned by basic education in music history which is combined to the methodology of cultural studies, especially in the master's programme.

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Christoph Hust

Dittrichring 21

04109 Leipzig

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