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Composition/Harmony and Counterpoint/Imrpovisation/Electro-acoustic music

Profile Composition/Harmony and Counterpoint/Imrpovisation/Electro-acoustic music

The connection of composition and theory, of musical practise and thinking about music, from performance and research up to their capabilities is situated in the department of composition, harmony and counterpoint. Cooperative connections with scientific departments of the university - Musicology, Music pedagogy and dramaturgy – are expressions of the interests of arts on sciences and sciences on arts.


Besides the main subjects of composition, Harmony and counterpoint, electro-acoustic music and improvisation, the department is responsible for harmony and counterpoint, organology as well as specific offers for subject related methodology and contemporary music at almost the entire university.


Prof. Dr. Gesine Schröder

Grassistraße 8

04108 Leipzig

Raum 301



Fachgebietsleitung Improvisation/
Testate zur Neuen Musik

Tilo Augsten

Dittrichring 21

04109 Leipzig

Raum D001

Hauspostfach D084