The subject of Voice/Music Theatre is one of the largest qualification areas of the whole university and can be proud of a long and successful tradition.

This is not only shown by many award recipients and international competitions but likewise by the fact that a major part of the graduates dedicate themselves to a stage or professional choir.


Study programme

The students are able to study the Bachelor programme, majoring in Voice, for eight semesters. The course of studies concentrates on the education for a professional singer.  This is accomplished by the different and courses, which are accompanying the major (Drama, Motion/Stage Dance, stage speaking, Italian, répétiteur training and more).

The Master program Voice (4 semesters) can be studied in the core areas of Opera, as well as Concert and Voice pedagogy, and represents a specialisation in the respective field.

The high-skilled Master class is for special qualified students, can be studied in four semesters and is partly extra-occupational.

At the time about 85 students are studying Voice/Music Theatre, 30% of them are from abroad.


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