The academic year at the HMT

Please find timetables for the academic year as PDF documents in the info column on the right.



for winter semester 2023|24


Transfer semester fee of 262 €

(major students)

Enrolment certificate University Leipzig

(secondary listeners)  

   01.06 - 17.07.2023

Enrolment certificate for the following semester

at »HMT-Campus«

Fee extension period (25 €)   18.07. - 31.07.2023
Dispatch of the identity cards by post from 15.08.2023



No lesson planning will take place if your re-registration is not completed by 31.07.2023. Your entitlement to lessons will be cancelled!


  Study affairs

  For effective lesson planning it is necessary that applications for leaves of

  absence and part-time study are submitted by 17.07.2023.

  You can find more information on how to apply and re-register on the

  HMT website under »Study affairs«.

Lectures | Classes

in winter semester 2023|24

Music Departments 09.10. - 02.02.2024
Break new year's eve

20.12.2023 - 03.01.2024


Acting Institute "Hans Otto"

25.09. - 26.01.2024

Break new year' eve

18.12.2023 - 02.01.2024




in the winter semester 2023|24

Exam registration (more information by mail)  

Examination period (all fields of study

according to the study guide)

05.02. - 16.02.2024


Harmony and counterpoint (in writing)                    

Harmony and counterpoint (oral)                    





For detailed informationen on the individual examination dates click here.

Semester break (lecture-free)

in winter semester 2023|24

Entrance exams 05.02. - 09.02.2024
Music Departments 19.02. - 16.03.2024
Acting Institute "Hans Otto" 29.01. - 01.04.2024

Public holidays


German Unity Day

Reformation Day

Day of Repentance and Prayer

Year Change







20.12.2023 - 03.01.2024


course enrolment

winter semester 2023|24

all fields of study  from july, 13th 2023 (10.00 a.m.) to september, 7th 2023
course enrolment information
contact | Kontakt Studierendensekretariat | Student Secretariat

contact | Kontakt

Studierendensekretariat | Student Secretariat


Zi. 113, Gebäude Grassistraße 8


Ines Schmied

+49 341 2144 625


Please arrange an appointment via our online-calendar.



Dates Academic Year

The framework data for the academic year are available here:

(see pdf documents below)