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Study programme

The subject of Brass + Woodwinds and Drums + Percussion can be studied as Bachelor, Master and Master class. The basic study programme contains the main subject which is taught weekly for one and a half hours, mainly by full-time professors. Additionally, Orchestra studies and Chamber Music will be offered. Further courses for additional instruments (Piccolo, English horn, E flat bass clarinet, contrabassoon) are available for study.
The main focus lies on chamber music and orchestra playing. Well established methodology courses accompany the first two semesters. After that the students may, depending on their studies, teach seminars, under the guidance of professional teachers. The subjects piano, harmony and counterpoint, ear training, music history and music pedagogy are complementing the offered courses. Additionally, respected musicians from Germany and other countries are teaching master classes or seminars on the weekend.

Cooperation with orchestras in Leipzig

The founding idea of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who established the university to forge young talents for the Gewandhaus Orchestra, amongst other things, is still a very important part of our department. Therefore, the Academy Orchestra course is still closely linked to the world-famous orchestra.  Likewise, a close cooperation with the MDR symphony orchestra developed. Many professors in the field are a part of one of these orchestras. Specially qualified students get the chance to play as a substitute in one of the orchestras, after their passed audition.


Prof. Jörg Michael Thomé

Grassistraße 1

04107 Leipzig

Zimmer 201

Hauspostfach 050




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