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Department of piano


Department of piano profile

Since the founding of the university as "Conservatory of Music" in 1843, piano education has taken a central and cross-curricular position of the entire university. Currently five full-time professors, an artistic staff member and other lecturers are teaching in the fields of major and minor subject piano, piano chamber music and piano for students of the Department of Church Music, for conductors, pianists, composers and students of music pedagogy.


Excellent conditions for rehearsing and concerts

This broad orientation of the Department of Piano is an important copula of the whole university. The main building in the Grassistrasse, converted and fully-renovated in the early 1990ies offers generously sized classrooms, rehearsal spaces for large ensembles and two concert halls that are equipped with excellent Steinway grand pianos. Facilities for practising are plentiful.


Cooperations and Events

Interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation with several organisers and symphony orchestras in the Leipzig region, students are offered many opportunities to concerts in a professional environment and to gain experience, in addition to the university concert events. Soloists of such event projects are selected at university competitions.

In addition, internationally renowned piano professors are invited to give master classes for the students of the piano department at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig regularly.

Director of the department | Dean

Prof. Gerald Fauth

Grassistraße 8

04107 Leipzig

room 212

post box 168



Master course

Prof. Piotr Paleczny

16th - 18th December 2013

from 10.00 - 13.00 and

15.00 - 18.00 o'clock