Instrumental and vocal pedagogy (IGP)

There are two different foci of the study of Instrumental and vocal pedagogy at the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig:
  • a one-year Pedagogical Master of Music
  • a two-year Pedagogical artistic Master of Music.

Already in bachelor degree programmes, students can take part in teaching courses. In the classes, students are prepared for the professional requirements of diverse contemporary pedagocical music offers in leisure activities of music schools, private or government institutions. Basic artistic, scientific and pedagogical skills are required to allow for music learning ranging from babies to seniors, individual and group lessons, ensemble conducting, project work, concerts for children and adolescents as well as links to the music teaching in schools, for example, the programme "an instrument for every child" or "warm up your voice". The connection of theory and practice, therefore, is mainly emphasied in our studies.

Teaching practice

In addition to subject-specific teaching methodology, various practical seminars and workshops offer the opportunity to experience group and ensemble work in different teaching situations and to gain expert knowledge in independent teaching. For this reason, we co-operate with different institutions of the city of Leipzig, such as: the music school "Johann Sebastian Bach", the elementary school of the "forum thomanum", the Leipzig school concerts, the opera and various social centers.

For instance, students can see how children and young people get into sophisticated music in concerts, how independently primary school children creatively develop and implement musical theater, how children play in a band and how beginners start improvising and playing their instruments in an orchestra.

Contact Person

Frau Prof. Dr. phil. Ines Mainz