Redesign of the university-wide elective modules from winter semester 2022|2023 onwards

Concerned fields of study


Students of music including double major, dramaturgy and musicology.




The university-wide elective areas have been revised for the winter semester 2022|23. The revision includes, in particular, the summary of the elective modules for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, so that module numbers only have to be searched for in one document.


For better orientation, the overview also differentiates the information on the recommended semesters according to degree programmes.


Usability of an elective module


You can find out whether an elective module is suitable for you under the "Usability" section directly in the module..

New for the master class: it is now explicitly stated in the "Usability" whether the module is also applicable for these degree programmes.


Crediting of modules from other fields of study


Newly introduced are modules for individual credit for participation in events and projects from other areas of study at HMT. These modules can be found at the end of the respective area WBP, WKV, WMP and WTW with the number 999.

If places are available in a course and the respective lecturer considers the subject-related requirements for participation to be met, students can take part in this and receive credit for their elective area via these modules in consultation with the examinations office.


 Note: This does not apply to individual and small group lessons!





As far as the participation/credit possibility has already been generally coordinated, this is shown in the course catalogue.


If you have any questions, please contact Ms Wolf.



Registration for individual and small group lessons

(the same deadlines apply to applications for a change of teacher, choice of a specialisation or choice of an instrument in the teacher training programmes). 


For the summer semester 2023

Students who are already enrolled have the opportunity to register for the

individual and small group lessons in the elective area with Ms Wolf from the

november 11th, 2022 to january 31th, 2023.

Newly enrolled students will then have the opportunity to register

until 3th march 2023.

Should you wish to take the university-wide minor subject (WKV 901 or WKV 902), you must register online via HMT Campus in November!


For the winter semester 2023|24

Students already enrolled will have the opportunity to register for individual and small group elective classes with Ms. Wolf from

may 2nd, 2023 through July 31th, 2023.
Newly enrolled students will then have the opportunity to register by 29.09.2023 (one week before the start of classes).

Should you wish to take the university-wide minor subject (WKV 901 or WKV 902), you must register online via HMT Campus in March!


Registration for minor subjects

Please inform yourself in advance in your study schedules whether you can take/select minor subjects!



Enrolment in lectures | seminars

Enrolment in lectures/seminars (large groups) is possible via moodle.

As a rule, courses close at the end of the 4th week of classes at the latest, unless otherwise stated.


Moodle enrolment for the summer semester 2023

The moodle enrolment for the summer semester 2023 is expected to start on

january 16th, 2023 (10.00 a.m.) and will end for elective (compulsory) courses on february 20th, 2023 (3 weeks before classes start)! Please be sure to follow the instructions for the relevant course!

Moodle enrollment for the winter semester 2023|24

is expected to start on 13.07.2023 (10.00 a.m.) and will close for elective (compulsory) courses on 07.09.2023 (3 weeks before classes start)! Please follow the instructions for the corresponding course!


In case of technical problems, please contact:


Course catalogue and
registration via moodle

Course catalogue andregistration via moodle
Access exclusively via



The course catalogue subscription for the winter semester 2023 begins on

july 15th, 2023. A corresponding note is given for exceptions.


Please send queries to Birgit Wolf.

As the course catalogue is updated almost daily - dates or rooms change or completely new courses are added - please check the current course catalogue here on the website regularly.

Archive Course Catalogue

You can find an overview of the courses offered in previous academic years or semesters in our "Archive" (bottom right).


winter 2023|24

13.07 - 07.09.2023
(for elective
compulsory courses)

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Course Catalogue

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Elective modules
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