Registration for individual and small group lessons


For the summer semester 2021, the deadline for registering for individual and small group lessons with Ms Wolf ends on 31.01.202 and begins on 01.01.2021 (newly enrolled students still have the opportunity to register until 14.03.2021).


Registration for minor subjects

Please inform yourself in advance in your study schedules whether you can take/select minor subjects!

Enrolment in lectures / seminars

Enrolment in lectures/seminars (large groups) is possible via moodle.

As a rule, courses close at the end of the 4th week of classes at the latest, unless otherwise stated

The moodle enrolment for the summer semester 2021 starts on 15.02.2021 (10.00 a.m.) and ends for elective (compulsory) courses on 01.03.2021 (2 weeks before the start of classes)! Please follow the instructions for the corresponding course!

In case of technical problems, please contact:

Course catalogue and registration via moodle

Course catalogue and registration via moodle
Access exclusively via

The course catalogue subscription for the summer semester 2021 begins on 15.02.2021 (10.00 a.m.).

As the course catalogue is updated almost daily - dates or rooms change or completely new courses are added - please check the current course catalogue here on the website regularly.

Archive Course Catalogue

You can find an overview of the courses offered in previous academic years or semesters in our "Archive" (bottom right).

Course Catalogue Birgit Wolf

Course Catalogue

Birgit Wolf

Building Grassistraße 8

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Room 105

Internal PO box 038

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Inka Daubner-Mensching

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