Study Funding

Studying at the HMT und living in Leipzig

Students from countries of the European Union in their first degree studies do not pay tuition fees at the HMT Leipzig.


According to the 22nd Social Survey of the Student union "The economic and social situation of students in Germany 2021" the costs of studying without tuition fees amount to an average of 1.036 euros per month. The largest share is accounted for by rent (warm) at 410€ on average, followed by food costs (198€) and public transport / car etc. (89€).


The cost of living crucially depends on the choice of the city. In a city comparison regarding the average monthly rent (including additional costs) Leipzig performs well above-average with 329€.

Scholarship programmes at the HMT Leipzig

The University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig and its partners annually offer scholarship programmes for the students to financially support them.

Costs of study at the HMT

Semester fee

A current fee of 263,40€ applies for enrolment [1st semester] and re-registration [the following semesters].
Fee for social services/DSW-fee: 11,20€
Fee for financing cafeterias and canteens: 68,80€
Mobility fund: 2,00€
MDV-semester ticket: 176,40€


  • and 5,00€ for the work of the HMT student Council (Studierendenrat). The payment of this fee ist mandatory for all students enrolled.


Study programme fees

  • second degree studies [see scale of fees § 7, para. 3]: 900 €
  • For students who are not nationals of a member state of the European Union, a unitary fee is charged for all programmes except the master class studies [see scale of fees § 7, para. 2 an 4]: 1.800 €
  • guest auditors [lectures, seminars, music theory group classes]: 50 €
  • guest auditors [artistic individualised lessons, lessons in artistic small groups]: 750€
  • special class for talented youngsters600€

The fees for the different study programmes are to be paid for each semester, the students concerned and students of special class for talented youngsters receive a separate invoice with demand note.



Long-term study fees

Long-term tuition fees are charged at the university in accordance with §12 paragraph (2) of the Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz of 01 January 2013. If the standard period of study specified in the examination regulations for a course of study is exceeded by more than 4 semesters, a fee of 500 EUR is charged for each additional semester upon re-registration.



Further services

  • reissuing student ID: 20,00 €
  • certification of documents: 10,00 €
  • enrolment or re-registration after the end of enrolment and re-registration deadline: 25,00 €
  • Application fee [as per scale of fees § 6, para. 1,  for the first and further applications for each application semester] click here for details: 50,00 €


Information on legal remedies

You can lodge an appeal against the notices within one month of notification. The appeal has no suspensive effect on the payment of the fee.
The objection must be submitted in writing to the head of the Department of Student Affairs | degree programme for international students, Ms. Inka Daubner-Mensching, or be recorded there.


to the Deutschlandticket from may 1, 2023

Semesterticket-Upgrade to the Deutschlandticket from may 1, 2023
On april 3, 2023 the presale for the 49€ ticket started. With the ticket you can use the entire nationwide local transport system (tram, bus, S-Bahn and U-Bahn, regional trains) from may 1, 2023. Long-distance traffic (EC, IC and ICE) as well as Flixbus and Flixtrain are not included.
Since the semester fee already includes a semester ticket for local public transport in the MDV area, you can upgrade the ticket to a 49€ ticket. For this, there is now a monthly cancellable subscription via LVB for the differential amount.
You can find all information about the subscription, validity and additional options at the following link:
or in the LVB guide below on how to upgrade your semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket.

Financial support from the Studierendenwerk Leipzig

for students in financial need

Inflation and the aftermath of the corona pandemic can have a stressful effect on the financial situation of students. In the event of financial hardship through no fault of your own, Studierendenwerk Leipzig offers 3 financial support options:

The following reasons are recognised when applying for financial support:

  • high utility bill
  • discontinuation of parental maintenance for various reasons
  • sudden loss of the job
  • High expenditure due to illness
  • ... and other individual, not self-inflicted reasons

You can find an overview of all the options here:



To apply for hardship funds or "Freitisch"-vouchers, please contact the Social Counselling Service for initial contact:





Study programme fees |

Semester fee


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Scale of fees of the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig

Scale of fees of the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig