Open Stage

Open Stage
All two or three months, the StuRa organizes the Open Stage to mix up students from all disciplines: actors, classical and jazz musicians, schoolmusicians, dramaturgies and so on.
The Open Stage is an adventure and open for adventures: We want to create a platform where you can show your talents in a safe space without having the pressure of being perfect.
What happens at the Open Stage is up to you: Whether you dance, sing, play an instrument, read a text, tell a joke or show a magic trick, we will love everything you do. Do something new or show what you already practiced for years. If you don’t want to participate actively, you’re very welcome to come by and watch. We have couches, snacks and drinks ready for you to enjoy a pleasant evening with nice people instead of your TV.

Only criterion: every act is limited to 10 minutes time. If you’re interested in participating, send us an e-mail at or come by spontaneously and show
your talents!
The next Open Stage will take place on 11.10.2021

Christmas party/Got Plätzchen?

Christmas party/Got Plätzchen?
Every year, same old story: Christmas is knocking at your door and the world is full of Christmas parties. Why not having one ourselves? We want to celebrate with you, students, teachers and staff, and have some nice Christmassy hours with you. You only have to bring your own cup, some cookies and, if you want to, your instrument. We will have glühwein, punsch and everything else your heart desires at a Christmas party ready for you.

HMT-Barbecue/Got Wurst?

HMT-Barbecue/Got Wurst?
With the HMT-Barbecue, we want to send you into your well-earned semester summer break and make your exam preparation a bit less stressful. You only have to bring your sausages, Outdoor games and blankets; we will have the grill and the park ready for you. What else do you need for an enjoyable day out in the green!

Football tournament with HMT and HGB

Kickoff on a small football pitch

Football tournament with HMT and HGB Kickoff on a small football pitch
In the middle of June we rake the pitch for you. It´s time for the kickoff on a small football pitch!

It´s all about the challenge cup!

About 100 students are meeting to have a great day out with football and sunshine. The StuRa is organizing the event with catering and everything the heart could wish for.
You only have to register your team with the entry form (will get published here) and be ready for kickoff! You find the entry form in the HMT buildings.



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