Project funding

Support of creative and innovative projects

Basically every student of the HMT is able to receive a project promotion. Before you
introduce your project to the StuRa, have a look at the following questions:
  • Is the project innovative and creative?
  • Do HMT students participate substantially in organization and realization of the
  • Does the project have an interdisciplinary character? Do study programs get
    connected that haven´t been working together beforehand?
  • Do the students acquire new skills within the project?
  • Is the project a valuable supplement to the existing curricula of the HMT?
  • Is the participation on the project open to everyone? Can everyone equally apply to
    take part?
  • Is the revenue of the project used for a charitable purpose? It the project otherwise
If you can answer three or more questions with yes, don´t hesitate to apply for financial support (maximum 500€). Please hand in your application 4 weeks before the implementation of the project. Please note that the logo of the StuRa must be printed on the
advertising material.

Below you will find the application form for the project funding. Please fill in all the details and attach a detailed budget estimation and a description of the project (half a page to one page). You can put the full application in our mailbox (box 009 in Dittrichring) or send it per mail to We will get back to you to make an appointment
where we can talk about your project.



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