Welcome Days at the HMT

30.09. and 01.10.2021

Participation in the events at the beginning of your studies is strongly recommended. Please plan these dates in advance! 


30.09.2021      Technische Immatrikulation 

Großer Saal,  Grassistraße 8

Information about the organisation of your studies, services of the university and the Studentenwerk Leipzig

10:30 - 12:00 Uhr      German

12:15 - 13:45 Uhr      English


Followed by:    Individual class assignments and welcoming addresses in the institutes and departments


01.10.2021       House tour | Campus tour


Registration is not required. 


You will find a more detailed schedule in the info column on the right. 


from 29.09. until 02.10.2021 
By students for students

The Hwerbstakademie is a project designed by students for students, which takes place annually at the beginning of the winter semester.
The academy is organised by the Student Council of Music Education and Faculty 1. All new HMT students, but also experienced students and teachers are invited to participate.
Workshops of all kinds are offered to learn from each other and to gain an insight into areas that are not always included in the curriculum.



LINK see information mail via HMT eMail address.
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The programme and the individual workshop contents are available for download in the info column.

Feierliche Immatrikulation am 18.10.2021

17:00 Uhr
Großer Saal, Grassistraße 8

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Workshops [83.3KB/pdf]
Plan Herbstakademie [67.1KB/pdf]

Presentations from Welcome Days

Technische Immatrikulation

Welcome art the HMT [419.4KB/pdf]

Lesson scheduling
Welcoming at the departments