Details on re-registration for the new semester you will find here.

Exemption from the semester fee

An exemption from the semester fee can only be approved by the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

  • Date of submission of the form

not later than at the last business day before the start of the new semester to Ms. Niedenführ

  • Requirement for an acceptance of the application

granted leave of our institution
proof of your absence from Leipzig for the whole semester.

Course registration

Please subscribe for the courses via

Sick note

If you become, it is necessary to inform your teachers for individual lessons and the registrar's office. This can be done by telephone or email. If the illness lasts longer than 3 days, a medical certificate is essential. This can be sent by post, by courier or in person to the registrar's office, room 113 or postbox 40, Grassistr. 8.

The excused lessons in due form can be rearranged with your teachers. Unexcused lessons expire.

If the illness evidentially lasts longer than 10 teaching weeks per semester
, you can even subsequently apply for a leave of absence due to illness.

Leave of absence | Exoneration from lessons

Leave of Absence | educational release due to ERASMUS

Generally, leaves need to be applied for during the re-registration period. There are two available forms, according to the reason for leave of absence. Please submit the completed form either to the dean or to Inka Daubner-Mensching (head of the Department od Student Affairs).
If you are planning a stay abroad for ERASMUS, please use the form "application for educational release due to ERASMUS", and submit it to Mrs. Ruhe

Exoneration from lessons

An exoneration from lessons need to be approved by the prorector for academic affairs. Reasons for exoneration may be:

  • participation in orchestral projects, performances
  • delay in the issue of your visa in your home country

Please apply for exoneration at the prorector via eMail in sufficient time and attach the respective contracts or proofs.

part-time studies

Studying at HMT is also possible on a part-time basis, provided this is provided for in the study regulations for the respective degree programme.

In this case, the student workload per semester is generally reduced to half of the full-time study. The standard period of study and the deadlines for taking examinations are extended in accordance with the part-time portion. The total amount of teaching required for individual lessons and group lessons in small groups is not increased by this. The individual lessons of a full-time semester may be divided into two part-time semesters.


HMT offers the possibility of part-time study "for personal reasons" or "work related".


For part-time studies, please submit an appropriate application.
Forms for the respective reasons (private or work-related) can be found in the download section. (use filter-options for better orientation)


Before submitting your application, you should take advantage of the opportunity to receive academic counselling from Ms Daubner-Mensching ( / 0341 2144 620).


She will also advise you on the distribution of your classes, which must be noted on the forms.


The intended change in the form of study must be applied for within the re-registration deadlines. It requires the approval of the Prorector for Academic Affairs.


Only with an approved application can you be granted part-time study.

study periods for committee activities

Participation in HMT committees entitles you to time compensation for your studies.

If you serve on a committee for one year, you can apply for 1.5 SWS of additional individual tuition. If you serve on a committee for several years, you can apply for a total of 3.0 SWS of additional individual tuition, which you can spread over one to three semesters.


You can find an application for non-credit of study periods to the standard period of study due to committee activities (Antrag auf Nichtanrechnung von Studienzeiten auf die Regelstudienzeit wegen Gremientätigkeit) in the download area. (use filter-options for better orientation)


At the end of your studies

If you have properly completed your studies, you will be automatically deregistred by the examination office. The deregistration date depends on the compliance of the regular period of study.


If you complete your studies within the regular period, you will be deregistered at the end of the semester (31.08., or 28.02). If you complete after the regular period of study, you will be deregistered one day after your last exam. This can be done in retroactive effect if, for example, at delay of  the correction of  your final thesis.


Extraordinary deregistration

Would you like to complete your studies ahead of schedule, please submit the form “application for deregistration” and “deregistration from the library” at the student office.

The deregistration form must be approved by the prorector of academic affairs, so it may take a few days until you can get the written confirmation of your deregistration of the prorector.

health insurance

Proof of valid health insurance is required for studying at HMT.

When you enrol online, you enter your insurance status.
If you are subject to compulsory insurance, you must also enter your health insurance fund and your insurance number.
The health insurance information is obligatory!
If your health insurance fund has not yet been determined, please use "Wait for status notification".
You must notify your health insurance company that you are studying and where. The HMT will provide your health insurance company with additional information about your studies.
The sender number of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater used for this purpose is: H0001141.

If you are exempt from compulsory insurance, please provide us with appropriate proof.

If the above-mentioned documents are missing, your re-registration for the next semester will be blocked.

You can find information on health insurance as a student in our information sheet in the right-hand column, as well as here, among other places:

Kontakt | contact Studierendensekretariat | office of student affairs

Kontakt | contact

Studierendensekretariat | office of student affairs

Auf Grund der aktuellen Situation befinden sich die Kolleg_innen vorwiegend im Home Office. Bitte nutzen Sie den Mail-Kontakt für Anfragen.



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All other forms you will find in the download area.


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