Upgrade of the MDV-Semesterticket to the

Deutschland-Semesterticket Upgrade of the MDV-Semesterticket to theDeutschland-Semesterticket
For just 1.40€ more than before, students will be able to use their Deutschland-Semesterticket to travel within the validity area of the Deutschlandticket in the summer semester 2024. The MDV-Semesterticket for students in Leipzig will be replaced by the digital Deutschland-Semesterticket.


Costs and validity:

  • For the summer semester 2024, the Deutschland-Semesterticket costs 176.40 euros (29.40 euros/month), only 1.40 euros more than the previous MDV-Semesterticket.
  • It is valid throughout Germany within the area of validity of the Deutschlandticket and not just in the MDV area.
Further information about the Deutschlandsemesterticket and the booking process can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk Leipzig:


The subscription to the Deutschland-Ticket must be cancelled before the Deutschlandsemesterticket becomes valid if HMT students wish to avoid paying twice for the month of March. As the summer semester at HMT Leipzig begins on 1 March 2024, the previous subscription should be cancelled by 20 February 2024 at the latest.
〉 NOTE: In the summer semester 2024, the student ID will no longer be valid as a ticket, not even in the MDV area!

The Deutschlandsemesterticket is available as a digital ticket via the LeipzigMOVE app or as a chip card from Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe. You can find more detailed information about the procedure on the Studentenwerk Leipzig website.

Semester fee and
study programme fees

Before the start of a semester, the semester fee must be paid. This was previously €262 (€25 will be added for late payment). From the summer semester 2024 it will be €263,40. This amount is for the Studentenwerk Leipzig and is only "collected" by the HMT and passed on to the Studentenwerk Leipzig. €5 of the €263,40 will go to the Student Council of HMT Leipzig. The deadline for transferring the semester fee is mid-July for the winter semester and mid-January for the summer semester.


During a semester the study programme fee is charged. Since this is dependent on the subject semester and leaves of absence, among other things, this happens in the course of a semester. You will usually receive the invoice for the respective semester in April and October by post. Inside is a transfer slip with an individual purpose of use, which is different from the purpose of use for the semester fee. The payment deadline for the study programme fee is always at the end of a semester.


     Both amounts are therefore always paid at the end of a semester,

     but once in advance (semester fee) and once afterwards

     (study programme fee).


For more information on the semester fee and study programme fees, see »Fees and Scholarships«.


In order to study in Germany at a state or state-recognised higher education institution or comparable institutions, foreign students need a residence permit.


You can now also apply for a residence permit for study purposes online at: You can find out which documents you need to submit and what you need to bear in mind when submitting your application at or in the flyer below.


Note: the flyer below will be translated into English in due course. 

Exemption from the semester fee

An exemption from the semester fee can only be approved by the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

  • Date of submission of the form

not later than at the last business day before the start of the new semester to Ms. Niedenführ

  • Requirement for an acceptance of the application

granted leave of our institution
proof of your absence from Leipzig for the whole semester.

Course registration

Please subscribe for the courses via

Sick note

If you become, it is necessary to inform your teachers for individual lessons and the registrar's office. This can be done by telephone or email. If the illness lasts longer than 3 days, a medical certificate is essential. This can be sent by post, by courier or in person to the registrar's office, room 113 or postbox 40, Grassistr. 8.

The excused lessons in due form can be rearranged with your teachers. Unexcused lessons expire.

If the illness evidentially lasts longer than 10 teaching weeks per semester
, you can even subsequently apply for a leave of absence due to illness.

Leave of absence | Exoneration from lessons

Leave of Absence | educational release due to ERASMUS

Generally, leaves need to be applied for during the re-registration period. There are two available forms, according to the reason for leave of absence. Please submit the completed form either to the dean or to Inka Daubner-Mensching (head of the Department od Student Affairs).
If you are planning a stay abroad for ERASMUS, please use the form "application for educational release due to ERASMUS", and submit it to Mr Clever.

Students in the teacher training programmes who go abroad via the University of Leipzig submit a leave of absence application (Studienaufenthalte im Ausland) with the confirmation of the partner university.

Exoneration from lessons

An exoneration from lessons need to be approved by the prorector for academic affairs. Reasons for exoneration may be:

  • participation in orchestral projects, performances
  • delay in the issue of your visa in your home country

Please apply for exoneration at the prorector via eMail in sufficient time and attach the respective contracts or proofs.

part-time studies

Studying at HMT is also possible on a part-time basis, provided this is provided for in the study regulations for the respective degree programme.

In this case, the student workload per semester is generally reduced to half of the full-time study. The standard period of study and the deadlines for taking examinations are extended in accordance with the part-time portion. The total amount of teaching required for individual lessons and group lessons in small groups is not increased by this. The individual lessons of a full-time semester may be divided into two part-time semesters.


HMT offers the possibility of part-time study "for personal reasons" or "work related".


For part-time studies, please submit an appropriate application.
Forms for the respective reasons (private or work-related) can be found in the download section. (use filter-options for better orientation)


Before submitting your application, you should take advantage of the opportunity to receive student advisory service.


She will also advise you on the distribution of your classes, which must be noted on the forms.


The intended change in the form of study must be applied for within the re-registration deadlines. It requires the approval of the Prorector for Academic Affairs.


Only with an approved application can you be granted part-time study.


At the end of your studies

If you have properly completed your studies, you will be automatically deregistred by the examination office. The deregistration date depends on the compliance of the regular period of study.


If you complete your studies within the regular period, you will be deregistered at the end of the semester (31.08., or 28.02). If you complete after the regular period of study, you will be deregistered one day after your last exam. This can be done in retroactive effect if, for example, at delay of  the correction of  your final thesis.


Extraordinary deregistration

Would you like to complete your studies ahead of schedule, please submit the form “application for deregistration” and “deregistration from the library” at the student office.

The deregistration form must be approved by the prorector of academic affairs, so it may take a few days until you can get the written confirmation of your deregistration of the prorector.

Study periods for committee activities



Participation in HMT committees entitles you to temporal balance for your studies.

Students who have served at least one electoral period in the governing bodies of the university, the student body, the student union or the study commission (according to the SächsHSFG) shall not be credited with one semester of study towards the standard period of study. In the case of participation over several years, a period of study of 3 semesters is not counted towards the standard period of study.


No separate application needs to be made for this.





Organs of the University:

  • senate and extended senate
  • faculty council 

Organs of the student body:

  • student council 
  • student body of faculty council

As organ of the student union:

  • board of directors of the student union


At the end of your studies


If you have properly completed your studies, you will be automatically exmatriculated by the Examinations Office.
The date of exmatriculation depends on whether the standard period of study has been observed. If you complete your studies within this period, you will be exmatriculated at the end of the semester (31.08. or 28.02.).
If you complete your studies after the end of the standard period of study, you will be exmatriculated one day after the last examination. This can also take place retroactively if, for example, the assessment of the final thesis is delayed.


Please submit the following documents in person or scanned by e-mail to the person responsible for your subject area in the Examinations Office:

Responsible persons:


     Manuela Stötzer

Early music, winds, EMP, singing, Jazz/Pop,

church music, piano/conducting/accompaniment,


     Katharina Ruhe

dramaturgy, drama,


     Hella Reiser
music education

Extraordinary de-registration


If you would like to complete your studies ahead of schedule, please submit the following documents in person or by email to Ines Schmied:

Alternatively, you can also put the documents in the post box of Ines Schmied
(No. 040) at Grassistraße 8.


Health insurance

In order to study in Germany, you need a valid health insurance. Travel health insurance is not included and is not sufficient. You cannot be enrolled without a health insurance, that is valid for your studies.
There are two types of health insurance in Germany: 

  • Statutory, public insurance
  • Private insurance (usually only for doctoral candidates)

  If you are covered by group insurance as part of a scholarship programme (for

  example DAAD), you will need confirmation from a statutory health insurance

  provider that you are exempt from statutory health insurance. 


Statutory Health Insurance

  • Students from European Union countriesan EEA state, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia and the United Kingdom prove their health insurance by showing their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), Global Health Insurance Card (from United Kingdom) or an eligibility from an agreement country. This is based on the social security agreements of the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Please note that your insurance may not cover all costs in Germany. You should therefore make sure that you know exactly which benefits you are entitled to in Germany before you enter the country. If you come from an EU state, EEA state, Switzerland or an agreement country, you remain insured in your home country. With your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) or your certificate of entitlement, you can go directly to a doctor in Germany. You need the machine confirmation from the statutory German health insurance in Germany that you do not have to insure yourself in Germany. Please provide the following information to a statutory German health insurance


  • Photo of EHIC/GHIC/insurance policy (front and back side)
  • Surname, first name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth (city, country)
  • Current address
  • Please provide the following dates of HMT Leipzig:
    Betriebsnummer 05509027 and Absendernummer H0001141
  • Students from non-EU and non-EEA countries must take out statutory health insurance until they reach the age of 30 and can be exempted from this insurance obligation by a statutory health insurance fund if they wish. This must also be reported in the course of the automatic reporting procedure between health insurance funds and universities. If you decide to take out German health insurance including nursing care insurance, please note the following:
    • Please provide the following HMT Leipzig data to the insuring health insurance company:
      Betriebsnummer 05509027 und Absendernummer H0001141.
    • All student insurance policies cost around 110 euros per month (this information was correct in June 2020).
    • Your enrolment will not be complete until you have proven that you have valid health insurance. In order to be able to take out statutory health insurance, you must present your admission letter.
  • Doctoral students, master class students or graduates who already had statutory health insurance as Bachelor's or Master's students from Germany or the EU, or who themselves come from the European Union, can also take out voluntary statutory health insurance during their doctorate. The contribution is higher than the student contribution for statutory health insurance. It starts at around 180 euros and depends on the amount of the scholarship.

Counselling services offered by statutory health insurers


Your contact person at


Michael Thude
Lange Str.40
04103 Leipzig
E-mail: michael.thude(at)

Tel: +49341 35047239; +49160 90456151

Your contact person at the

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK):

Dominik Moch
Prager Str. 15-17
04103 Leipzig
E-mail: dominik.moch(at)

Tel: +49 40-46065103-004; +49 160-4826545

Private Health Insurance


Private health insurance from other countries may be recognised in Germany. You should clarify this with your insurance company. Usually, private health insurance is suitable for everyone over the age of 30. You can also take out this insurance in Germany. Is your private insurance recognised in Germany? Then you need a confirmation for enrolment that you are exempt from compulsory statutory health insurance. For this purpose, please apply to a statutory health insurance fund for a notice of exemption from compulsory health insurance as a student.


Kontakt | contact

Student Secretariat -
telephone consultation


Do you have questions about enrollment, »HMT Campus« or how to find the right contact person?
We are available by telephone at the following times:

  • mondays from 09.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • tuesdays from 09.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • thursdays from 09.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Telephone consultation

+49 341 2144 555


contact | Kontakt Studierendensekretariat | office of student affairs

contact | Kontakt

Studierendensekretariat | office of student affairs



Zi. 113, Gebäude Grassistraße 8


Ines Schmied

+49 341 2144 625


Online Terminbuchungskalender



Liliia Haidash

+49 341 2144 629


Online Terminbuchungskalender



All other forms you will find in the download area.


enrollment form [148.9KB/pdf]