University sports

Stay fit!

Students at HMT Leipzig have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous

offers from the Centre for University Sport at the University of Leipzig. In addition to the usually one-sided and routine activities of everyday life, various forms of sport offer an important balance and contribute to physical, mental and social



There is a range of sports courses - from Aikido to Zumba - which are offered

during the semester as well as during breaks for beginners and advanced students.


Enrolment in the courses takes place via the page of the Zentrums für Hochschulsport der Universität Leipzig.


Study with chronic illness and impairment

By taking up your studies at the University of Leipzig, you are entering a new and exciting phase of your life, which can raise many questions at the same time.

The Social Counselling Service advises students with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities on issues such as organising their studies, coping with their studies, financing their studies, applying for compensation for disadvantages, finding suitable accommodation and many other needs-related topics.

We focus on your personal situation and work together with you to find the right tips and solutions. If you wish, we can put you in touch with counselling centres, authorities and self-help groups.

By employing a volunteer, students can be offered hourly support in their daily study routine. Many things are possible - from reading to taking notes in lectures to accompanying students on campus, to the libraries or to the refectories. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your need for support.

You are welcome to take advantage of our individual one-to-one counselling sessions to discuss together how you can organise and master your studies without worries.
Counselling is free of charge and can be done anonymously. Of course, we are bound by professional secrecy. You can find all current office hours and information here:

Student Union: Information and Counselling


Offer of the Psychosocial Counselling Service of the
Student Union Leipzig

You will find all information here:

psychologische Beratung für HMT Studierende

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Flyer english [492.3KB/pdf]

Studentenwerk Leipzig (student union)

Contact point for (almost) every matters

A reliable contact point regarding student matters is the Studentenwerk Leipzig.


A sevice with social contract:

General social counselling

The start of a course of study also represents the beginning of a new and important phase in life. Many organisational and financial questions are connected with studying, which, if they are clarified well and with foresight, will promote the success of your studies. The social advisors of the Studentenwerk can provide you with targeted and individual support. Questions about financing your studies, organising your studies, health insurance, jobs and much more can be discussed in order to find the best possible perspective together. You have the option of taking advantage of the open short counselling without an appointment or a booked detailed appointment. The social counselling team is open to short and long questions and looks forward to hearing from you.

Counselling is free of charge and can be done anonymously. Of course, we are bound by professional secrecy. All current office hours and information can be found here:


Mastering studies as (expectant) parents

Studying at the University of Leipzig marks the beginning of a new and important phase in your life. Studying with a child or children can raise many questions about organising your studies, financing your studies, childcare and the associated costs, and much more. The Social Counselling Service can provide you with competent support and help you find ways and solutions to reconcile family and studies in the best possible way. Please feel free to take advantage of our individual counselling or our information events on selected topics concerning the compatibility of studies and family. The social advisors look forward to meeting you and your family!

Counselling is free of charge and can be provided anonymously. Of course, we are bound by professional secrecy. You can find all current office hours and information here:



Financial support from the Studierendenwerk Leipzig

for students in financial need

Inflation and the aftermath of the corona pandemic can have a stressful effect on the financial situation of students. In the event of financial hardship through no fault of your own, Studierendenwerk Leipzig offers 3 financial support options:

The following reasons are recognised when applying for financial support:

  • high utility bill
  • discontinuation of parental maintenance for various reasons
  • sudden loss of the job
  • High expenditure due to illness
  • ... and other individual, not self-inflicted reasons

You can find an overview of all the options here:



To apply for hardship funds or "Freitisch"-vouchers, please contact the Social Counselling Service for initial contact:


Ansprechpartnerin speziell für HMT-Studierende


speziell für

Dipl. Psych. Wiebke Rahmlow

Contact details

Contact details

A list of contact persons of the Student Union can be found here.