Application for the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

for the scholarship year 2021/22

In winter semester 2021/22, the HMT Leipzig will support gifted students of the HMT Leipzig that are expected excellence in training or university, or have already proven it. The awarding is subject to available private and public scholarship funds as part of the Germany scholarship.




For applying please use the writable PDF form (adjacent | downloads). Please attach the following documents:
        • curriculum vitae of not more than 1 page,
        • a letter of motivation (max. 2 pages explaining special social engagement, the handling of special social/family/personal challanges or personal economic circumstances)
        • certificates and other evidence of special artistic / scientific talents and achievements (such as: certificates/proofs of already adduceded programmes and examination achievements; letter of recommendations of internship(s) and job references and proofs of honours/other skills and further engagement; proof of eligibility of university admission (foreign proofs need translation/conversion applicable to German grading system); applicants with more than one degree: please hand in certificates for each study programme)

Letters of recommendation, expert opinion or similar documents that are issued  from members of the university for the applicant need to be submitted in a sealed envelope by the applicant together with the other documents  If the application documents are not written in German or English, a translation must be provided in German language.


Applications must be received by 30 April 2021.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. This deadline also applies for the presentation of the evidence in the annual performance review who wish to be further granted.

Germany scholarships at the HMT Leipzig

Since 2011, especially gifted and committed students are  economically supported by a federal scholarship programme. With the Germany scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium), gifted students of all nationalities of state and state-recognised universities, regardless of income, are eligible to receive the scholarship, if their previous development let expect for  outstanding academic achievements.


In addition to the existing school and university academic performance also social commitment and  special personal benefits should be taken into account - such as the successful overcoming of challenges in the own educational biography.


The amount of the scholarship is 300 € per month. According to the Germany Scholarship Act, the funding of scholarships is halfway covered by private sponsors. The other half of the money for the scholarship will be provided by the federal government (so-called Matching Fund model).


Application procedure

The scholarships are granted for one year, starting at the beginning of the winter term.


The scholarships are announced annually on this website and by public notice in the buildings of the university.


For the application process, the University has adopted a scholarship regulation paper. The scholarship recipients will directly be selected by special committees in the three faculties of the HMT  on the basis of a written application and a personal interview with the candidates.

Selection process

With a positive assessment of the application documents by the selection committee, applicants will be invited for a personal interview. The personal presentation will last 15 minutes respectively including a performance. Participation is an obligatory part of the selection process.


In addition, the scholarship regulations of the HMT Leipzig from 13th March 2015 apply (adjacent | downloads).

Further information about the Germany scholarships:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Franziska Kuhlbars


Grassistraße 8

04107 Leipzig

Hauspostfach 001


 +49 341 2144 502

 +49 341 2144 503

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