psychological counseling for students of HBG and HMT

with Dr. Ingolf Schauer

psychological counseling for students of HBG and HMT with Dr. Ingolf Schauer
The student councils of HGB and HMT have teamed up to initiate an own psychological counseling. Once a week Dr. Ingolf Schauer, qualified psychologist, is available to talk about problems, questions and sensitivities of any kind. You can address private problems as well as problems with your studies. Doubts, fears, discontents, diploma stress, anxiety about the future, conflicts with family or friends – you are free to talk about anything that´s on your mind.
The counseling alternates between HGB (Wächterstraße) and HMT (Dittrichring), but it doesn´t matter to which location you go. The counseling hours are open to students from both universities. Also groups are welcome!

You don´t have to make an appointment, just stop by in the psychological counseling hours, which are listed below.
There are also set appointments. Please contact Dr. Schauer via mail ( or phone (0174 – 972 5475) to make an appointment.

Counseling hours summer 19

Certified recreational classes

Dr. Ingolf Schauer also holds an additional offering for all those who are interested:

"Autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, stress management program – To cope with stress optimistically".

Your health insurance will take care of the costs completely or partially. For more information about terms and conditions please contacts Dr. Schauer (certified psychologist).
phone: 0174/9725475


Ingolf Schauer

0174 – 972 5475



Dittrichring 21, Raum 3.01
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