Do I need language skills?

Foreign applicants must be able to prove the following language skills through a recognised language examination:


Course of study

Required level of the Common
European Framework of Reference
for Languages (CEFR)

Bachelor's degree programme in



at least German B2

All other Bachelor's degree


at least German B1


Artistic Master's programmes
(except those listed below)

at least German B1

Artistic Master's programmes



at least German B2

Music-pedagogical study



German C1

Master's programme in Choral and Ensemble Conducting


German C1

Master's programme Church Music


German C1

Master's programme Elementary
Music and Dance Education

German C1

Master's programme in musicology


German C1 as well as English B2


Master class study programmes

Recommendation German B1 due to teaching activity


What kind of language skills do I need?

Foreign Applicants for the bachelor degree programmes and most of the artistic master courses require a knowledge of German on level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) by a recognized language test. German on level C1 is prerequisition for the music education master programmes and the master programmes choir and ensemble conducting and church music.

Equivalent certificates:
• Goethe-Zertifikat B1I C1 or
• TestDaF Level 2 I 3 or
• Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH-1 I DSH-2).

Classes are taught in German language and for all classes German on a good working level is essential. Please note: If the examiners find that an applicant's knowledge of German is not sufficient at the time of the entrance examination, the applicant is not admitted to the courses .

Every term, the HMT Leipzig offers special language courses of German language for beginners and advanced students.


Are there any age limits?

At the beginning of the admission semester the following age limits apply:


study programme
max. age
master's programme drama

24 years

bachelor's programme 1st semester every artistical study programme (exceptions: Early Music, Composition/Tonal Writing, Church Music, Organ,

Choir and Ensemble Conducting)
For the enrolment in the 5th semester the age limit is raised 2 years.

Study programmes for a teacher education don´t have an age limit.

25 years

master's programme every artistical study programme

(exceptions: Early Music, Composition/Tonal Writing, Electroacoustics, Church Music, Organ, Choir and Ensemble Conducting)

30 years

master class [Meisterklasse] every artistical study programme

(exceptions: Composition, Electroacoustics, Early Music, Organ, Choir and Ensemble Conducting)

32 years


How does the programme for my entrance examination has to look like?

The programme for the entrance examination is a list of the pieces that you want to present to your examiners. A simple breakdown of the titles (movements, opus, etc.) and the composers / authors is sufficient. Please do not send music sheets, unless you are specifically asked for them. The music sheets for the accompanist respectively the examination board is needed on the day of your examination, so please bring them only then.


Do I need the A-levels (Abitur)?

With the exception of the study programmes in dramaturgy, music education and musicology the A-levels is not strictly needed. You definitely will have to take part in aptitude tests or the entrance examination.


What kind of documents are required?

If you register on the online portal there will be a list of documents to be submitted at the end of the application processIn any case, a

  • CV
  • school and / or college certificates (if excisting) and a
  • proof of the paid application fee

is required.


For the application in drama, the

  • completed registration form for the aptitude test and a
  • proof of the paid application fee

is sufficientAny other documents will be required only in the 2nd round.


How many times can I take part in the entrance examinations?

A failed entrance exam can be repeated once (2 attempts) in the same degree programme and major. In the degree programme Acting, you can repeat both, the aptitude test and the entrance examination twice (3 attempts each). Please note that an examination will be considered as "failed" if you have stayed away without being excused.


Questions concerning Health Insurance?

Information concerning a required Health insurance you will find here: https://www.hmt-leipzig.de/en/home/mein-studium/studienorganisation


Is there an "Open Day"?

The "Open Day" takes place in the second week of January. The programme will be published on our website in due course.


How much are the application fees?

50,00 € for all courses of study:

  • Dramaturgy
  • Musicology
  • Elementary Music and Dance Education
  • Composition/Setting
  • Conducting/Correpetition
  • Piano
  • Harpsichord
  • Organ
  • Harp
  • Jazz I Popular Music
  • Drama
  • Singing
  • Wood winds/percussion
  • String instruments
  • Early Music
  • Church music
  • Choir and Ensemble Conducting
  • Music Education

Where do I have to transfer the application fee?

You will find the bank details on your printed application form in the online application portal.

Please transfer the application fee to the following account:


Recipient:    Hauptkasse des Freistaates Sachsen, AST Chemnitz

IBAN:            DE22 8600 0000 0086 0015 22

BIC:               MARK DEF1 860

Deutsche Bundesbank

Line 1:          7040 00380-9

Line 2:          BNR: name, first name


Entry requirements and quarantine regulations

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, entry requirements and quarantine regulations remain in effect, which you should be aware of when planning your entrance exam.

Quarantine is mandatory for applicants from risk areas!

  • a current list of risk areas can be found here:



  • Detail - Information about the quarantine obligation (procedure, end reasons, etc.) can be found here in german and english:


and here:



  • As well as here, in several other languages and with reference to the SMS received upon entry.



On these pages you will also find information for fully vaccinated or recovered persons.


Since the implementation of the quarantine regulations is done by legal decrees of the federal states, please also note the quarantine regulation for Saxony (german version only).


Do you have further questions?

Christa Franz

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Departments of the HMT Leipzig

Departments of the HMT Leipzig

No matter if classical voice, jazz and pop, piano or drama