Apply online for entrance

Apply online for entranceexams



is open from March 1st on until March 31, 2024 for applications for winter semester 2024|2025.

  • ​​​​​​​The results of your face-to-face entrance exams will be posted on the online portal starting 20.06.2024.
  • We have compiled the range of courses and the expected attendance dates of the entrance exams for you on the applicant pages of the departments and institutes.
  • The next admission procedure for the Master´s Intense Study Programme Drama will take place in the 2025|2026 winter semester. Applications will be accepted from November 1st, 2024.


on the online-application-portal

  • Please first carry out your self-registration in the online-application-portal (if you are not yet enrolled at HMT Leipzig). You will receive your user name and choose your own password. You should make a note of this access data. If you are already enrolled or registered, log in with these access data at the top right.
  • With your access, you can now enter your application data in the online portal. You have the possibility to submit up to 3 applications in one admission procedure. The application fee must only be paid once in each case. Please do not forget to submit your application electronically ("Submit application" button) and to print out the application form (PDF document).
  • On your application form you will find the bank details of the university as well as the deadline by which we expect your fully uploaded documents in the online application portal. 
  • As soon as your application has been successfully registered in the online portal, you will receive the first notification of a change in the status of your application by e-mail. You will receive the first notification of a change in the status of your application by email. Please always log in to the online portal with your access data when you receive such a message. For data protection reasons, we can only provide you with important information about your application via this channel.
  • After your documents have been checked, you will receive a further message by email stating whether your application is valid or which documents still need to be uploaded.
  • We usually send out the invitations to the entrance examinations three weeks before the scheduled examination dates.
  • Approximately three weeks after the completion of all entrance examinations, we publish the results of the entrance examinations in the online portal. You will receive a further notification of this by email. If you have been offered a place at the HMT, we would like to ask you to respond promptly in the interest of those moving up.
  • Throughout the admission procedure you have the possibility to withdraw your applications. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that an unexcused absence for the entrance examination counts as a failed examination.
  • Please note the age limits for selected degree programms before registering in the online portal.
Any questions re-garding the Online Application Portal? Christa Franz

Any questions re-garding the Online Application Portal?

Christa Franz

+49 341 2144 622

+49 341 2144 624