Seminar courses

for the subject Piano

If you want to take seminar lessons in the subject piano it is absolutely necessary that you have a piano at your disposal for exercises.

You have to register on the homepage of Prof. Pole. Under the key point Lehrpraxis you will find an online registration form which you have to fill out. Further information you will get directly from Prof. Pohl.

Seminar courses

Voice, string and wind instruments

Children and teenager take seminar lessons, taught by students of the university, in the subjects of instruments, voice and music theory. The instructions are free of charge, and normally take place Tuesday afternoon.

In order to take seminar lessons, you have register for it. You can do so at any point during the semester. If you have successfully filled out the form and handed it in, you will be put on a waiting list and receive an e-mail when the university is looking for new seminar students. Normally, this happens before the semester starts. In some subjects, auditions take place, to determine current abilities. You will receive the invitation for the audition in sufficient time.



im Fach Klavier

Möchten Sie sich für Unterricht im Fach Klavier bewerben, ist es unbedingt nötig ein Klavier für Übungszwecke zur Verfügung zu haben.


Die Anmeldung dafür findet über diesen Link  statt. Bitte füllen Sie das Online-Formular aus und senden es ab. Weitere Informationen bekommen Sie direkt von Herrn Prof. Pohl.


Seminarunterricht [343.1KB/pdf]

Contact person

Ines Schmied

Department of Study Affairs


+49 341 2144 625

+49 341 2144 624