Information for applicants from abroad


  • university entrance qualifications
  • artistic aptitude in the chosen major subject, which will be tested in the entrance examination
  • proof of adequate language competence

Information about the submitted application documents are available in our online application portal. The evaluation of the artistic aptitude is generally conducted at the university location.


Study fees

A detailed list of study fees 



Information on student financing and scholarships at HMT can be found here.


Financial support

Applications for financial assistance for the beginning of studies can not be submitted in Germany, but in the home country. It needs to be handed in at the German Embassy or the branch of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It is possible to apply for any other financial support as well.


Health insurance

A student health insurance costs about 80,00 € per month.


Visa | Residence permit

After you have filed your application, you receive a written confirmation which is required for the application for a „student applicant visa“ with the German Embassy. After having passed the entrance examination, the student receives the admission to enrol, and the aliens registration authority in Leipzig changes the „student applicant visa“ to a „student visa“ and grants a residence permit for study purposes.
Please note: Authorities in Germany can and will not transform a tourist visa  into a student visa! Only the German Embassy in the respective country may do so. When filing the application for a visa, students are required to provide proof of their ability to finance their studies.


Chinese Applicants

Students and graduates of purely artistic study programmes (e.g. piano, string instruments, singing) must participate in the artist procedure of the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS).

This does not apply to teacher training courses; applicants for these courses are examined in the normal procedure of the APS!


You can find all information on the artist procedure here:    

APS Artist Procedure         


Teacher training applicants inform themselves please here:          

Regular APS Procedure     

Contact person Inka Daubner-Mensching

Contact person

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Studying in Leipzig

Studying in Leipzig

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