Bachelor of Music

The bachelor's degree is a first qualifying artistic university degree (Bachelor of Music). The artistic bachelor has a regular period of 8 semesters at the HMT.

It provides the entry into a professional career as a musician and a prerequisite for further improvement and expansion of artistic skills in a master's degree or master class studies. Prerequisite for admission usually is the university entrance qualification (Abitur or equivalent academic qualification as per Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz) and the passing of an entrance examination.
In addition, artistic music studies can be combined with the music pedagogy programme (two subject studies).

Master of Music

The master’s degree is a further qualifying artistic university degree (Master of Music). Prerequisites for a master's degree usually is a relevant bachelor's degree and the passing of the entrance examination. The master's degree serves the consolidation of the bachelor’s studies or the broadening of the professional base. At the HMT, there are three forms of consecutive master degree programmes to choose from:
  • artistic master’s programme
  • music pedagogical master’s programme and
  • pedagogical artistic master’s programme.


In the artistic master's degree programme in the arts the regular period of studies is four semesters, It is especially focussing on the development of artistic skills.


pedagogical artistic

The pedagogical artistic master’s degree programmes offer the consolidation of artistic skills as well as the music pedagogical competence to work as a as an instrumental or vocal teacher. The regular period of studies is four semesters.

Master class

With the master class programme students are offered the possibility to continue their artistic development on highest level and bring it to perfection. Prerequesition ist he graduation of a relevant Diploma or master‘s programme in the same or a related subject. The regular period of studies is four semesters. Students graduate with the master class examination.

Mendelssohn Orchestral Academy


The Mendelssohn Orchestral Academy has the goal to educate young musicians for top orchestras and is conducted in cooperation with the Leipzig Gewandhaus. This main focus of study in the orchestral programmes has not changed ever since the founding of the music university by Felix Mendelssohn as the "Conservatory of Music" 1843 and it still connects the University of Music and Theatre and the Leipzig Gewandhaus. The Mendelssohn Orchestral Academy offers a unique implementation.

The study period is four semesters.

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