Bachelor studies dramaturgy

The bachelor's degree is a first qualifying artistic university degree (Bachelor of Music). The bachelor dramaturgy has a regular period of 6 semesters at the HMT.


The study serves as a comprehensive preparation for scientific and artistic activities in the occupational field of dramaturgy of theatre, music and other media of the performing arts and related areas. Prerequisite for admission usually is the university entrance qualification (Abitur or equivalent academic qualification as per Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz), the proof of practical work art theatres, concerts and/or media as well as passing an entrance examination.


The bachelor's programme is conducted in the Department of Dramaturgy.


Master studies dramaturgy

Students of the consecutive master’s degree programme dramaturgy regularly graduate as "Master of Arts" after a regular study period of 4 semesters.

The aim of the master's programme dramaturgy is the deepening and extension of scientific, artistic and communicative competence in the field of dramaturgy.
Prerequisites for admission are usually a bachelor's or equivalent degree in dramaturgy, theatre, music or media studies, six-month of practical work at theatres, in the field of media or music practise, and the passing of an entrance examination.

The master's programme is conducted at the Department of Dramaturgy.