DAAD programmes

scholarship for students and graduates

DAAD programmes scholarship for students and graduates
The DAAD is the world’s largest funding organisation, supporting more than 100,000 German and international students as well as researchers around the globe each year. They also promote internationalization efforts at German universities, help developing countries to build their own systems of higher education, and support German Studies and German language programmes abroad (in European and non-European foreign countries).
Detailed information about the DAAD support programmes can be found on the DAAD homepage.
Contact: Dr.Ute Fries & Prof. Gerald Fauth


Programme for increasing German students' mobility

PROMOS gives German universities the opportunity to put individual focus on their students' mobility. Various funding instruments offer diverse and fitting mobility arrangements to the students.


The following measures are financially supported by PROMOS

  • studies abroad and short term visits for final exams
  • practical training abroad (in ERASMUS countries just in exeptional case)
  • specialised courses and language courses
  • study visits/ group tours
  • competition tours

For more detailed information, please have a closer look on the right site of this homepage below the section »Information« (only available in german).


Who can apply for PROMOS?


In general, everyone can apply for a PROMOS scholarship, who is:

  • enrolled at the HMT at the moment of application
  • depends on the application: students, teaching staff, PhD who are studying/ working or do research on a German accredited university
  • German students or persons who are coequal referring to BAföG, and regular enrolled non-German students with plans to finish studying at the HMT Leipzig



Deadline for the application is the 31st December for the following year (handling time from the 1st of January to the 31st of December). In execptional cases, short time scholarships.


Regarding to the limited financial funds of PROMOS, mainly study visitis in supervision of teaching staff will be supported. Furthermore, additional funds will be accessible for students. With regard to that, students should hand in a informal application to the international office. A project may get support after the project has already started.
The criteria for being selected for a  scholarship are based on the guidelines of the DAAD. The criteria are
  • professional qualification
  • personal abilities
  • relevance of the planned stay in relation to the current study situation
  • language skills

Contact: Ly Tran


The HMT Leipzig uses various DAAD programmes in order to support German and international students. The following persons (contact details on the right-hand side of this page) are  responsible for these programmes:


Ly Tran

scholarships for German students and teaching staff


Dr. Ute Fries

scholarships for foreign students
STIBET I, STIBET III - Matching Funds -, STIBET - PhD students


Prof. Gerald Fauth

counsellor for DAAD one-year scholarship
member of the DAAD selection committee



Ly Tran


International Relations Coordinator

Grassistraße 8

04107 Leipzig

Room 207

in-house mailbox 005


0341 - 2144 501



Dr. Ute Fries


Department for study affairs

Grassistraße 8

04107 Leipzig

Room 107

in-house mailbox 037


+49 341 2144 620



Prof. Gerald Fauth



Councellor for DAAD sponsorships

Grassistraße 8

04107 Leipzig


+ 49 341 2144 510





Promos Praktika [262.5KB/pdf]
Promos Fachkurse [206.0KB/pdf]
Promos Studienreisen [196.3KB/pdf]

Concert tours

sponsorship of concert tours

Konzertreisen [206.6KB/pdf]