If you have any further questions to which you miss answers here, please contact the contact persons listed at https://www.hmt-leipzig.de/corona  - we will update the list as necessary.


Status: 03.04.2020

Frequently asked questions

I am in a current emergency situation - who can I contact?

For students in acute emergency situations, both the Rector, Prof. Kürschner, and the Vice Rector for Teaching and Studies, Prof. Fauth, offer advice by e-mail or telephone.
Please contact the Rector at martin.kuerschner@hmt-leipzig.de, the Prorector at gerald.fauth@hmt-leipzig.de . If you wish to be called back by telephone, please include a telephone number where you can be reached.
Further possibilities:
The Student Council of the HMT Leipzig informs regularly about current issues on its facebook page StuRa of the HMT Leipzig.
Dr. Ute Fries is also available for current organizational questions according your studies.


Information on BaföG and student financing

In the meantime, the Studentenwerk Leipzig has set up a FAQ on the questions of BaföG and student financing - so please use this link to find out more: Studentenwerk Leipzig FAQs Corona + Studium The page is currently only available in German.


None of the offers apply to me - are there alternative financing models,
perhaps also hardship case remedies?

The social counselling service of the Studentenwerk Leipzig advises students with questions about financing in general or specific questions, e.g. about losing your job, questions about alternative financing models, also hardship funds. So far, the individual personal counselling has been able to find a solution for everyone. Please, get in contact with the colleagues by eMail sozialberatung@studentenwerk-leipzig.de.
You can find telephone contact details here: Social Counselling Service Studentenwerk Leipzig

Can I get urgent documents from my mailbox/office at HMT?

Definitely not - the HMT is closed for all teachers - no access is granted for the duration of the closing time.


How do I obtain important documents that are required for the teaching
and assessment questions are necessary?

Starting Monday, March 23rd 2020, HMT will send all necessary documents (e.g. teaching assignments, invoices, notifications) electronically. Therefore please read your HMT e-mails regularly. Theses to be reviewed will be sent to the reviewers by mail to their private addresses or - if the theses are available as files - also electronically by e-mail.


Will Germany scholarships (Deutschlandstipendien) be awarded for the
academic year 2020/21?

The deadline for the submission of scholarship applications has been extended to May 15th 2020 - all students will be informed by e-mail about the extension and the further planned procedure.

Online learning offers/E-learning - what possibilities are there at HMT?

Despite the closure of the HMT and the associated physical ban on physical contact for all teachers and students, there is still the possibility to offer and use courses, especially via moodle.The following principles apply: We encourage everyone to use these forms and thus remain in virtual contact - there is no obligation to do so. This means:Teachers are not obliged to offer their courses online. Students are not obliged to take advantage of online offers. There will be no obligation for electronic teaching even after May 4th (should the HMT have to remain closed).


Which video conferencing systems are available at HMT?

Access to DFNconf is now possible. All information can be found in the section "IT User Support >> Video Conference Systems".


external assistance Online learning opportunities

The DAAD has meanwhile set up a helpful page Hochschulforum Digitalisierung which you are welcome to use.


I would like to provide my students with materials via moodle,
but there is currently no moodle course for my offer - what to do?


Please write an email to Mrs. Wolf at birgit.wolf@hmt-leipzig.de - she will set up this course immediately.


Can zoom licenses be purchased?

HMT is currently examining the use of ZOOM - we will inform you when a decision has been made here. Don't buy private ZOOM licenses - if you want to use ZOOM, use the free offers.


Do the previous deadlines for Bachelor and Master theses apply?

The deadline for submission of Bachelor and Master theses is usually extended by 6 weeks - all students concerned will receive a personal e-mail from the examination office.


Will the end of the lesson/exam period be postponed if necessary?

We are currently unable to make any binding statements in this regard. If the HMT reopens on May 4th and teaching can resume as normal, the summer semester will end on July 31, 2020 at the latest. Teaching and examination time will then partly run parallel. Should the closing time continue, we will find solutions which will be positively regulated in the interest of all participants.


To what extent can students settle credits (CP) from the summer semester?

If lessons of the semester can take place from the beginning of May onwards, all CPs will be credited, even if 15 weeks have not been taught. The CP of all courses attended online will be fully credited.


Does the summer semester count towards the number of
subject-semesters for students?


We cannot make any binding statements on this either at the moment, because this also depends on whether we can start teaching regularly again on May 4th. We will inform you here as soon as a decision has been made.


Will a possibly shortened semester be credited towards the teaching


If students receive less than the tuition they are entitled to, especially in individual lessons, we will offer compensatory solutions. Here, too, the concrete solution will depend on whether we can start teaching regularly again on May 4th.


Do I have to pay tuition fees for the summer semester?

Currently HMT will not send any fee notifications and invoices. This applies to non-EU tuition fees as well as second and long-term study fees, fees for the special class for talented youngsters and the various forms of guest audiences. Concrete arrangements for a reduction or even a complete waiver will be made as of May 4th - all affected students will be informed by email.


How are the teaching loads (for full-time teachers) in the summer semester?


The teaching hours of full-time teachers are credited according to the entries on the class lists. Even if courses cannot take place for a variety of reasons, this crediting will be made.


Will there be entrance examinations for the winter semester 2020/21?

Here again, we cannot make any binding statements at present. Registration for the entrance examinations is currently running regularly until March 31st via the online portal. Detailed information on when, how and to what extent the entrance examinations will take place will be made available in the 2nd week of April (15th calendar week) at the earliest.


What happens with the borrowed media from the library?

The loan period of all borrowed media is automatically extended for the closing time. The dunning procedure for due media was suspended as of 13 March. Current information from the library can be found here: University Library Blog


What possibilities are there for further use of the library stock?

The library team can still be reached by e-mail (bibliothek@hmt-leipzig.de) and will provide you with the best possible support:

  • by making available electronic materials (e-books, databases, etc.) In addition to the catalogue, also use the overview page of our online offers and let us know your acquisition wishes.
  • through advice on how to use the online offers
  • with a scan service
  • in your research