Wi-Fi at the HMT

What is eduroam?

The Wi-Fi network eduroam provides wireless internet access to all students, lecturers and employees of the HMT. eduroam is provided by various scientific institutions in Germany, Europe and even worldwide – and can be used

everywhere with your HMT user account.

How to connect to eduroam?

You can use your HMT account information to connect with eduroam. Use your username + @hmt-leipzig.de – for example uf34dete@hmt-leipzig.de – and your own password.

My device will not connect to eduroam

  • Make sure you are using @hmt-leipzig.de in addition to your HMT user account name. You will not be able to connect if you enter your email address (for example Manfred.Mustermann@hmt-leipzig.de or uf34dete@stud.hmt-leipzig.de) or if you do not add @hmt-leipzig.de.
  • Check if you put in your valid password, for example by trying to log in to the web email client https://owa.hmt-leipzig.de
  • After you have put in your username and password you will be presented a notification about the used security certificate on most devices. You need to accept this in order to be able to connect.
  • If you have accidentally declined to trust the certificate, most devices will not connect to eduroam anymore. In this case you will need to drop the network eduroam from your list of preferred Wi-Fi networks and then connect again.
  • Apple devices sometimes store wrong inputs and will not connect anymore. In this case, drop the profile eduroam (go to settings – profiles) and after that connect again.

It is still not working

Just bring your device to the IT office during our service hours.
How to connect to eduroam

How to connect to eduroam

Windows 10 [460.9KB/pdf]
iPhone [450.0KB/pdf]
Android [453.0KB/pdf]
macOS [1.1MB/pdf]
About eduroam

About eduroam

Find out more about the initiative eduroam on the DFN website.