VEB Deutscher Verlag für Musik, Leipzig

Founded in 1954, the “VEB Deutscher Verlag für Musik” specialised in complete editions (Bach, Handel, Mozart), contemporary music, and musicology (not least the ground-breaking series Musikgeschichte in Bildern). Together with VEB Breitkopf & Härtel and VEB Friedrich Hofmeister, the DVfM continued the tradition of music publishing in Leipzig during the times of the GDR. It became a centre of musicology and contemporary music in the Eastern part of Germany. Numerous surviving sources allow insights into the relationship of official planning and control on the one hand, and the publishing firm’s financial and scholarly autonomy on the other. Its cooperations with publishing houses and institutions in the FRG illustrate cultural and economical connections between East and West during the Cold War.


The projected history of this publisher concentrates at the firm’s archives that are nowadays accessible via the Saxon State Archives in Leipzig. We plan a systematic evaluation of all surviving material including the correspondence with the authors and internal correspondences and meeting protocols. The basis for this is a tentative catalogue of the archival holdings that encompasses roughly one third of the surviving material. The project’s goal is a monograph on the history of this important publishing house.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Hust, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig

Dr. Thekla Kluttig, Sächsisches Staatsarchiv – Staatsarchiv Leipzig

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