Opening hours

Info: extended opening hours

Opening hours Info: extended opening hours


Info: extended opening hours


Since the summer semester 2016 we have the following opening hours:


Grassistraße 1 und 8, Beethovenstraße 29


Monday to Thursday                  07.00 until 22.45
Friday                                           07.00 until 21.45
Saturday and Sunday               10.00 until 21.45


Dittrichring 21


Monday to Thursday                  07.30 until 22.45

Friday                                           07:30 until 22.45
Saturday and Sunday               10.00 until 21.45


How come?
After we received some inquiries to extend the practise hours, we requested an extension of the opening hours. This will be tested for one semester to see if the new hours will be used by
the students.

Have fun practicing says your StuRa!